The Joint statement on COVID 19 and Wasting 200407 is an urgent and important statement from UNICEF and the GNC, calling for the inclusion of children affected by wasting, in the list of highly-vulnerable groups, as they may be at higher risk of COVID-19 related pneumonia. As many countries, and in particular, are developing COVID 19 response policies, strategies and programmes, weighing in the effects on public health and their economies, it is critical that they do not underestimate the potential primary and secondary impact of COVID-19 on the survival of a large number of children.

The GNC is managing this webpage with global, regional, and country-level resources for COVID-19 to assist Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE) practitioners and coordination teams with integration of COVID-19 preparedness and response into humanitarian nutrition response. In addition to the documents that were developed by the GNC and Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM), it also includes other resources developed at global, regional and country levels that were neither developed nor endorsed by the GNC. Given the rapidly evolving situation, the webpage is continuously updated, please visit this page for daily updates and share information that is missing, directly to Faith Nzioka (fnzioka@unicef.org)


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Nutrition Coordination & COVID-19

On this page you can find information and guidance on humanitarian coordination in the context of COVID-19 outbreak. The documents are categorized according to Humanitarian Program Cycle. In order to support integration of COVID-19 preparedness and response into humanitarian nutrition response, GNC has developed guidance for country coordination teams on Nutrition Sectoral/Cluster Coordination in the context of COVID-19 which is relevant for any coordination mechanism for nutrition in emergencies.  At the same time, Global Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for the COVID-19 Pandemic has been launched which aims at addressing the additional needs from the COVID-19 pandemic while sustaining the ongoing humanitarian operations and life-saving programmes. This is essential to avoid further loss of lives and suffering, and the aggravation of affected people’s vulnerabilities.

Programmatic Adaptation Support in the Context of COVID-19

Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM) has prioritized the release of specific critical guidance on Nutrition Programming to support Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE) practitioners and coordination teams in their ability to continue to deliver humanitarian assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes management of child wasting, IYCF and NIS. Additional resources from UNICEF, WHO, WFP, ENN and other sources are also included.

Cross-cutting issues, other clusters & COVID-19

Recognizing the extent to which the COVID-19 outbreak affects women and men differently as well as populations at high-risk settings and contexts with weak social protection is hugely important.  On this page you can find some guidance to inform on gendered impacts that have emerged in the COVID-19 health emergency with suggested minimum standards for integrating gender equality into preparedness and response planning process, and cluster programme priorities for a gender-integrated response. Additional resources address issues on Disability, Protection, Cash, Risk communication and community engagement, Mental health and psychosocial and other guidance from related clusters.

Other humanitarian resources & COVID-19

This page is dedicated for other essential resources, guidance and advice related to COVID-19 and deemed useful for humanitarian action.

Online training materials on COVID-19

Real-time training during global emergencies is critical for effective preparedness and response with use of online trainings and webinars being key tools especially now with limitations of face to face gatherings due to COVID-19.  This page has various free and open to the public trainings to impact the basic knowledge and skills needed by personnel responding to COVID-19 outbreak to mount an effective response. GNC and GTAM have organized COVID-19 response webinar series to communicate details of the recently published briefs and dedicate time for practitioners to ask questions on putting recommendations of the briefs into practice. Recording of all webinars will be available soon after the webinar airs.

Key websites on COVID-19

For detailed analysis, guidance, tools and research in context of COVID-19, GNC has selected key websites from relevant Stakeholders and Partners.

COVID-19 data portal

Kindly visit this page for data on the geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide with interactive map showing the latest available data on COVID-19. You can also access the WHO database of publications on COVID-19.


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