NiE and the Climate Crisis: Global Nutrition Cluster Scoping and Options Paper (placeholder)

Thank you for your interest. The scoping paper will be available online in July 2024

Please check back soon for a link to the paper.

The GNC has been refining its approach to nutrition in emergencies (NIE) within the climate crisis, establishing a Climate Crisis Working Group in 2023 and recognizing climate as a strategic priority in 2023. Recently, the GNC commissioned a scoping of evidence, priorities, and opportunities across stakeholders to enhance its approach to supporting country clusters, GNC global partner agencies, and other global clusters in responding to NIE in the context of climate crisis. This scoping aimed to identify relevant opportunities for the GNC in the face of the changing humanitarian landscape due to the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, emerging risks like disease outbreaks, and the complex relationship between NIE and the climate crisis. The scoping includes an initial articulation of a climate rationale for the GNC’s approach, identifying action areas for climate crisis and NIE work, and providing an overview of stakeholder needs and capacities.


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